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What kind of nurse works in the newborn nursery at the hospital?

Question:What kind of nurse works in the newborn nursery at the hospital?

The ones that take care of the babies while the new moms sleep or get rest?Or the nurses that help deliver the babies and wash them up while the doctor works on the mom?What kind of training is needed to become one of these nurses?


1. This is what I do. The hospital I work at has LDRP nursing, which means labor,delivery,recovery and post partum. I take care of the mom in labor and during the delivery. Then I do the recovery on the mom and take care of the baby at birth, and then I’m still the nurse for the rest of their stay.

There’s no special training. I’m a regular RN. You get extensive on the job training to be a labor and delivery or newborn nurse. I had to take quite a few extra classes after i got the job.

There’s nothing like labor and delivery. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. It’s hard, stressful, and if a nurse is going to get sued, it’s going to be a labor and delivery nurse. Lots of liability in this sort of nursing.

2. My friend works in the nursery at a hospital as a CNA, the nurses have no special training. My aunt also used to work in a nursery, but she’s in the cancer ward now. It’s everything a normal nurse would know and they normally have experience with babies is all she said. She went in from a nursing home to the nursery….she had nothing extra as a CNA and she takes care of the babies too. She has said they have a lot of limitations to care though. They can monitor and change diapers, feed, etc..but don’t do ANY specialized care. They have a Peds doctor make rounds like every hour when they have a baby in the nursery. Also, they call people from the physch department for death cases, the nurses don’t do anything with that.

3.  Maternity Nurse and Pediatrics Nurse. Nurses go to nursing school and are licensed and varying degrees of training such as LPN, AAS RN, BS-RN, or more advanced degrees like a masters or PhD.

well first of all you become an rn, and then after that you can work in any departmant after the proper orientation period.

naturally nursing, healthcare, birthing and breathing, probably some psych (for parents who lose their children during birth) and childcare/babycare classes would be in the call for a career such as that. It’ll probably take a lot of others and a lot of studying but it’s a good call for a job.

4.I believe they’re called OBGYNs and/or midwives in some hospitals.

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